Career summary

Pamela Brañas started her creative work as an artist-in-residence at Redletter Press, 1990. That period was devoted to community art and political poster commissioned work. This work continued when Redletter Press and Another Planet Posters amalgamated to form Redplanet Community Art and Design Studio. As a printmaker Pamela created works that expressed concerns for the environment, endangered species and the cultural milieu.

That period of 10 years of printmaking resulted in a body of work that has contributed to the Australian political poster heritage. Pamela’s work encompassed many areas including cultural heritage, indigenous issues, conservation, wildlife, women’s health, and workers’ rights. Her prints and posters have been exhibited, collected and reproduced in a number of publications internationally.

Following the period of printmaking Pamela started working with oil pigment sticks on paper, canvas and board. Her recent work covers themes relating to her experiences and relationship with the landscape and her urban surrounds. Pamela’s work also depicts symbolic images such as animals representing travel, exploration and dreams. Pamela’s work is characterised by the intuitive development of the subject. Her works in oils have been exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney.

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