2015 – SEEN at Sheffer Gallery Pamela Brañas and Sharon Kitching

Pamela has selected a cross-section of passengers from her collection of commute time sketches for this exhibition. The diversity of individuals in the everyday activity of commuting on the train is a fascinating subject matter and has given inspiration to developing paintings for this show. These paintings are dedicated to portraying the feelings and expressions of the anonymous passenger travelling on the same carriage on the train journey to and from work.


Commute time sketches series – a selection of 23 displayed at the gallery 210 x 12.5 cm each


Commute time sketches series – a selection of 23 displayed at the gallery 210 x 12.5 cm each


L: Ferry. R: Beach walk. Both oil on board, 22 x 27.5 cm



Top row, L to R: The book reader – Passenger 42, Yellow cap man – Passenger 34, In front of me – Passenger 1. Middle row L to R: Two Guys, Passengers 55, Opera House, Crowd. Bottom row L to R: Pink top girl- Passenger 45, Purple top girl – Passenger 46, Sleepy with beanie – Passenger 31. Various sizes, oil on canvas, linen and board.


L -R: Music man – Passenger 20, Day dream – Passenger 62, Concentration – Passenger 51, Gaze – Passenger 61. All oil on linen, 40.5 x 35 cm each



L – R: The arrival, On the way, Cows, The road. All oil on board, 29 x 29 cm





2013 – Permanent Part Time at Verge Gallery
In Permanent Part Time Pamela has explored portraiture by creating symbolic representations of imaginary selves based on telephone interactions with staff at the university. She uses our century’s most influential tool, the phone, a prism to reflect the honesty of a portrait untainted by the distortion of what we see.

To borrow a quote from Paul Klee, ‘One eye sees, the other eye feels’ in this instance the other eye hears.

In her day time hours Pamela works as an eLearning educational designer at the University of Sydney.



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